Sustainable Pace is an agile consultancy offering agile coaching, training and business transformation services in Cardiff.

Who We Are

Dave Grant

Over the past 17 years, Dave has worked in a number of different roles in the software industry including time spent as a Developer, Development Lead, Scrum Master and Product Owner. This breadth of experience has helped Dave to gain a deep understanding of how software is delivered.

Dave now coaches organisations on how to improve the ways in which they deliver software, with a focus on Agile and Lean/Kanban techniques. Dave first encountered Agile ways of working around 2006 after reading a whitepaper about Scrum adoption at Yahoo! and has sought to increase his knowledge and experience ever since. He has provided Agile coaching to the following organisations:

In his spare time, Dave helps to organise the South Wales Agile Group, and has delivered a variety of talks and workshops at a number of well-known European conferences. Dave is a member of the Scrum Alliance, Agile Alliance, and the BCS.